Plastic Free North Devon: Do the dance and your bit to reduce plastic waste

Georgeham Primary School pupils do the plastic free bop. Picture: PFND

Georgeham Primary School pupils do the plastic free bop. Picture: PFND - Credit: PFND

Give it a wiggle! This month, Plastic Free North Devon tells you how you can do the bop for the #stopandswap

This month sees the start of a new Plastic Free North Devon consortium #stopandswap campaign which encourages those who may not have made any changes to their daily actions as yet to start and for those that are, to use their knowledge and passion to challenge others to do so.

While we are extremely grateful to our nearly 2,000 followers on our Instagram page, subscribers to our newsletter and the actions already being taken - we still have another 90,000 people to reach out to in the North Devon area and we need your help.

We want everyone to stop using simple plastic items such as plastic bags, disposable coffee cups and wet wipes and swap for an environmentally-friendly and often money-saving alternative.

Recent statistics stated that sales of single-use bags by all large retailers in 2018/2019 slumped by 37 per cent to 1.11billion compared with the previous year, but that is still 1.1bn unnecessary plastic bags being put into circulation.

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We are fully aware change has to come from all aspects of society including industry and government and we see the frustration the public have with the limited affordable plastic free options in supermarkets.

We will continue to challenge and campaign on this but this is about people power.

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How? This is the fun part - let go of your inhibitions by doing the bop for the #stopandswap! A simple dance move has been choreographed for you to challenge, friends, colleagues, businesses, community groups to do in creative ways.

Use your swap items and props (aluminium water bottles, cloth bags etc) and if you happen to be going to a beautiful locations that would be even better. Then post on social media with #stopandswap and @plasticfreenorthdevon.

This is a chance for the public to tag businesses they believe are not doing enough to reduce single use plastic usage calling for meaningful action.

This swap is simple, the dance is fun but the message is very important. If we don't change our habits then by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. If we all take a stand we could drastically reduce the amount of plastic in circulation, reduce waste and protect our precious wildlife and environment.

Visit the Plastic Free North Devon Facebook page Instagram page to find out how you can do the bop for the #stopandswap.

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