North Devon MP urges Theresa May to ‘get on and deliver’ Brexit at Prime Minister’s Questions

Peter Heaton-Jones had a question for Theresa May during Wednesday afternoon's Prime Minister's Ques

Peter Heaton-Jones had a question for Theresa May during Wednesday afternoon's Prime Minister's Questions. Picture: Parliament TV - Credit: Parliament TV

North Devon MP Peter Heaton-Jones has urged the Prime Minister to ‘get on and deliver’ Brexit.

Mr Heaton-Jones addressed Theresa May in the House of Commons during Wednesday’s Prime Minster’s Questions.

He asked for the region not to be dismissed as ‘old people yearning for a world of white faces’ before asking the Prime Minister to move forward with leaving the EU.

Mr Heaton-Jones, who like Mrs May, campaigned to remain in the EU, said: “Nearly 60 per cent of voters in North Devon voted to leave.

“Rather than dismissing them as old people yearning for a world of white faces, shouldn’t we respect their decision, get on and deliver it.”

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In her response, the Prime Minister hit out at her opposition for ‘trying to frustrate’ the process of leaving the EU, saying the Conservatives in Government were ‘delivering for voters in North Devon’.

She said: “To my right honourable friend I absolutely agree with him that we need to get on with delivering Brexit, recognising the vote that was taken, and it’s a pity that what we’ve seen from the party opposite is a track record of trying to frustrate Brexit rather than trying to make it work.

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“Their MEPs voted against us moving on with negotiations via the European Parliament, voted against the bill that will give us a smooth withdrawal from the EU, and the opposition oppose us spending money preparing for our exit.

“It’s the Conservatives in this Government that are getting on and delivering for the voters in North Devon.”

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