Outgoing North Devon MP Peter Heaton-Jones has called on the next Government to tackle mental healthcare and push for social media regulation in his final speech in the House of Commons.

Mr Heaton-Jones announced last week that he would not be standing in the general election on December 12, citing personal reasons.

In a farewell speech to the House of Commons on Tuesday (November 5), he thanked the people of North Devon for electing him in 2015 and 2017.

While he championed funding for the North Devon Link Road and securing the future of RMB Chivenor, Mr Heaton-Jones said he felt there was some 'unfinished business'.

He said more work needed to be done to regulate social media, with more MPs finding themselves under pressure.

He said: "I am fortunate in that I have not suffered the sort of threats, abuse or intimidation that many other colleagues in this house have, but none the less — I think that you only get this if you have been an MP —the constant low-level incoming does start to chip away.

"I do not think that this house, the social media companies or our legislation has caught up with what can be done about that.

"We need to ensure that the role of social media during this and all future elections is more tightly controlled under law and under regulation."

Mr Heaton-Jones added he was concerned by the state of mental healthcare, for young people in particular.

He said: "It is an absolute shock to realise that the most common cause of death among young men aged between 18 and 35 is not an accident or an incident, or a drugs overdose or a physical illness; it is that they take their own lives.

"That is a mental health condition that we must tackle, and all Governments of all colours must do so urgently."

Signing off, Mr Heaton-Jones said: "I thank the people of North Devon, who did me the privilege and honour of electing me not once, but twice to be their Member of Parliament in North Devon.

"Helping them, assisting them, meeting them, and sometimes having animated conversations with them really has been an honour and a privilege, and I wish my successor in the role all the very best."