The mayor of Bideford has released his 36th history book after delving once more into photographs from the town’s past.

Peter Christie has released the 12th volume of Illustrations of Old Bideford, a book the historian said will be the penultimate of the series.

The book, which Mr Christie said mainly focuses on business, is filled with pictures exploring the town's shops, industry and transport, as well as looking at wartime Bideford.

"It's a selection of old and not-so-old photographs - there are photos from the 1980s which, when you think about it, is almost 40 years ago now.

"The most difficult ones to find were for industry, because no one really takes pictures of themselves at work, but they are always fascinating when you look back."

Mr Christie said next year's 13th volume will be his last as the supply of pictures is 'beginning to dry up'.

It will include an index of all the previous volumes.

Illustrations of Old Bideford Volume 12 is published by Edward Gaskell Publishers, and can be found at Walter Henry's book shop in Bideford High Street.