A Bideford author has released his 32nd and 33rd history books.

Peter Christie has released the 11th issue of Illustrations of Old Bideford, as well as a new booked called The Introduction of Motor Vehicles in North Devon.

The first is the penultimate in the series, and Peter said he thinks the 12th book, which is already in the works, will be the last.

The second has come from his 35 years of research reading past issues of the Gazette and North Devon Journal.

He said: “Cars were the single biggest change in our society in the last 100 years.

“I’ve taken it up to 1914 with lots of cuttings and sections of accidents and dust, because roads didn’t have Tarmac then.”

The next books Peter has in the pipeline are on the history of collar factories in North Devon, and on the Bideford Bridge Trust’s 18th century minute book.

All Peter’s books can be found at Walter Henry’s book shop in Bideford High Street.