Paying twice

SIR - I can’t let Giles Chichester and Ricky Knight get away with some of their comments on UK energy production, in recent letters to the Editor.

Giles criticised wind turbines. Most of us agree they are costly, inefficient and unwanted, which we are paying for with a stealth tax on our heating bills.

But as a Conservative MEP, Giles must know that they are EU policy, which the previous and current government are merely following. So what has he been doing about it? Has he been lobbying the EU, and his party Leader and Prime Minister, to stop the pointless desecration of our beautiful North Devon?

As wind turbines are Coalition policy, have our MPs, Geoffrey Cox and Nick Harvey been lobbying on our behalf to stop the Atlantic Array abomination? The voters will want to know.

Ricky entered the debate for the Green Party, saying that Germany and Italy have stopped their nuclear energy programmes, implying that we should do the same. But he did not complete the story.

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Germany is, instead, embarking on the construction of four huge coal-fired power stations that will burn brown coal, one of the filthiest fuels known to man, because of the huge amounts of sulphur and carbon dioxide it produces! Germany already burns 169 million tons of this coal, and it will become the “dirty man of Europe”. The UK consumes 41 million tons of anthracite, which is relatively cleaner and much more efficient.

Our politicians’ policies on UK energy production have lost all sense and reason, leaving us in the ridiculous position of having to pay twice; once for the wind turbines we don’t want, and the second time for gas-powered stations for back-up when the wind is not blowing, or blowing at the wrong speed! You really could not make it up.

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The French produce 80 per cent of their energy from nuclear power, with new technology and fuel available. This should be supplemented with more sensible renewables like tidal current turbines, and a serious programme to reduce consumption. How complicated is that?

Michael Pagram,


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