Partial solar eclipse: what you will see in North Devon

You might see the partial solar eclipse over North Devon on Friday.

You might see the partial solar eclipse over North Devon on Friday. - Credit: Getty Images

Will you see the solar eclipse in North Devon? How do you view the eclipse safely? The North Devon Astronomical Society answers all your partial solar eclipse questions.

The UK will experience a partial solar eclipse on Friday morning (March 20) - and you should be able to see it in North Devon.

The event will begin at 8.30am and at around 9.40am the sun will be 80 per cent covered by the moon.

Anyone watching the solar eclipse will see a crescent sun, sais John Parratt, of the North Devon Astronomical Society.

John said: “An eclipse of the sun occurs when the sun, earth and moon line up with one another, and the moon covers the sun.

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“This is then a total eclipse, but it depends on where you are on the planet how much of the eclipse you can see.

“The last total eclipse to be seen in England was in 1999.

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“Unfortunately it was cloudy - but millions of astronomers were viewing and taking lots of images with special filters of the event, and lots of us will be again.”


There will also be a supermoon the evening before the eclipse, meaning the earth and moon are as close together as they can be.

This makes this 2015 Spring Equinox eclipse a supermoon eclipse, meaning a supermoon, equinox and eclipse will all fall on the same day.

The longest duration of the total eclipse will be 2 minutes and 46 seconds when viewed off the coast of the Faroe Islands.

Stay safe

If you’re planning on watching the event, John said it is very important to take care so that you do not damage your eyesight.

“Please do not use any opticle equipment to view the sun directly,” he said.

“This is very dangerous and will result damage to your eyes, leading to blindness.

“Use the proper hydrogen alpha or white light filters on your instruments.

“If you are unsure of what equipment you need to use for the eclipse, please contact North Devon Astronomical Society for information.”

Solar eclipse event

The North Devon Astronomical Society is holding a Solar Eclipse and Star Gazing event on Friday at Meeth Quarry Nature Reserve.

The event costs £3 per adult, children free, with hot drinks and food available,starting at 8am.

Are you going to watch the solar eclipse? If you get any photographs, send them to or tweet us @northdevon24.

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