There have been calls for Torridge MP Geoffrey Cox to resign as Attorney General after the Supreme Court ruling blow to the prime minister.

On Tuesday, September 24, the court ruled that Boris Johnson acted unlawfully when he advised the Queen to suspend parliament.

There have been calls for him to resign, as well as Mr Cox, who would have advised the prime minister on the legal position.

In a statement today (Wednesday) a spokesman on behalf of Mr Cox said the Government acted in good faith and in the belief that its approach was both lawful and constitutional.

They said: "These are complex matters on which senior and distinguished lawyers have disagreed. The Divisional Court led by the Lord Chief Justice agreed unanimously with the Government's legal position, as did the Outer House in Scotland.

"We are disappointed that in the end the Supreme Court took a different view. We respect the judgment of the Supreme Court."

David Chalmers, the Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) for Torridge and West Devon, is protesting outside Mr Cox's Tavistock offices today (Wednesday) and has called on him to resign as Attorney General.

Mr Chalmers said: "We have never experienced anything like this before - certainly not in our lifetimes. The Supreme Court of our country has ruled unanimously that the prime minister Boris Johnson in proroguing Parliament acted unlawfully.

"He suspended our Parliament to prevent it from carrying out its constitutional duty to scrutinise the Government and its policies. He misled the Queen.

"And the legal advice which gave him the pretext to carry out this attack on our parliamentary democracy came from the Attorney General, the MP for Torridge and West Devon.

"He has given legal advice to the Government that has been ruled unlawful but the highest court in the country - a situation which renders his position untenable.

"The Supreme Court has defended the sovereignty of our Parliament - which forms the basis of our democratic system."