Parking charges in North Devon Council (NDC) car parks will resume on Monday (June 15).

The council is reintroducing the charges as shops prepare to reopen from the coronavirus lockdown.

Parking machines will not accept coins due to the risk of transmitting the virus, with users directed towards cashless methods of payment.

The council has removed the 20p charge from Ringo, its online parking payment system, and has also removed the minimum three-hour stay for contactless payments at machines.

NDC leader, Councillor David Worden, said: “As lockdown restrictions begin to lift, and life in North Devon resumes some kind of normality it is time to re-introduce parking charges once again.

“I know they are a highly contentious subject and many people object to them, but it is clear that free parking in short stay car parks would attract many workers to park there all day, leaving fewer spaces for shoppers.

“We want to make paying for parking as safe as possible for everyone, so have scrapped any restrictions on paying by card or online so the price you pay per hour is exactly the same as it would be if you were paying by cash.”

The move comes three weeks after the council reintroduced charges for its coastal car parks.