Parking charges

I am a Bidefordian in my early 90s and I feel compelled to write to highlight the problems faced by many young Bidefordians today.

Too much money is wasted on and by the officers and councillors of Torridge District Council when many people are struggling to feed and clothe their growing families.

Thank goodness we have the harbour group and the newly-opened food bank to care for the under-privileged.

Bideford is only a small town and many of its inhabitants are elderly so they can’t walk far.

It is not a city where many younger people live and work, where there are many buses and an underground transport system, so there are proportionally fewer parking meters.

Bideford people have fewer transport choices so it is unfair to erect so many parking meters.

Torridge District Council, instead of finding ways of encouraging employment in the town, is killing off trading in the Little White Town. They are erecting unnecessary parking meters on every bit of grass and concrete.

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This is stopping the independent shopkeepers from employing more staff; Bideford shops should be able to employ more local people.

The town will die when even the most determined small shopkeepers are forced out of business because of excessive parking charges.

Shame on the council – and now a parking ticket put on a lifeboat says it all.

We should save money by getting rid of half of the councillors and officers and all of the traffic wardens.

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