Park School given good Ofsted report

Education watchdogs say students feel pride in their school and examination results shown real and rapid improvement.

PARK School in Barnstaple has received praise from Ofsted after being judged ‘a good school with outstanding features’ following a recent inspection.

The inspection team visited earlier this month and has just published its report - inspectors found examination results to be good due to good teaching throughout the school.

They said students ‘responded well to all levels of challenge offered to them in lessons and rarely misbehave’, as well as showing loyalty to their school and pride in its traditions.

Examination results have shown real improvement over the last three years, with rates of student progress improving rapidly and significantly.

The report said students ‘feel very safe and display excellent levels of politeness and friendliness, with both students and parents agreeing that behaviour is excellent’. Clear leadership and management at all levels were also praised.

The inspection also found that relationships between students and adults were excellent and there are high levels of trust, allowing students to feel confident in seeking help if they have problems. The curriculum has enabled students to progress well and literacy is well promoted.

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“I am particularly pleased to read the inspectors found that our students take immense pride in their school, talking readily about their enjoyment of school life”, said headteacher David Atton.

“The Ofsted team judged that the school works very well as an integrated whole around our highly respected house system, meeting the needs of all young people and offering a wide range of challenge and opportunity.

“I am grateful to all in the broader community for their support, with our governing body receiving extended praise for its work. We now have an excellent basis from which to take the school forward to even greater success”.

Ofsted advised the school to’ raise expectations even higher towards outstanding’ and provide students with structured opportunities to respond to their teacher’s marking.

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