Cllr Derrick Spear said village has already had a ‘de-briefing’ for additional flood prevention matters after flash flooding in Braunton on Saturday.

The chairman of Braunton Parish Council has thanked the community for ‘rallying together’ after flash flooding hit the village on Saturday.

Cllr Derrick Spear said the flooding, which hit some businesses in Braunton, was followed by a very heavy spell of rain.

He said he wanted to make it ‘very clear’ the River Caen has not breached its bank, nor did the flooding come from Velator.

“The River Caen behaved itself remarkably well and the level of water was surprisingly low,” he said.

“The flooding happened very quickly - basically the drains, under certain conditions, are inadequate and of course there is a general consensus that the drains are inadequately maintained and cleared - which undoubtedly adds to the risk of flash flooding.

“For some time now we have been negotiating with Devon County Council for an underground pumping system but this had run into costing difficulties.

“We’ve already held a de-briefing so that additional pre-flooding safety measures can be implemented although local residents, as already stated, did a remarkable job of self help.”

Cllr Spear said he was reassured the parish council would meet with relative county officers.

He added: “Since Caen Street is the lowest part of Braunton, it’s plain common sense that regular cleaning and maintenance of the drains must be implemented.

“Of course, we should lose sight of substantial improvements of the water drains and the speedy removal of additional water under flooding conditions.

“The community rallied together brilliantly to help local businesses clear the drains of debris and for that we give our grateful thanks.”