Barnstaple gym owners on trial accused of dealing cocaine, ecstasy and steroids

Exeter Crown Court. Picture: Archant

Exeter Crown Court. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

The owners of a Barnstaple gym have gone on trial accused of dealing in cocaine, ecstasy and steroids.

Richard and Georgina Green were allegedly found with boxes of steroids and £56,000 cash in the boiler room of the Pain and Gain Gym when it was raided by police in 2017, Exeter Crown Court was told today (Monday, July 22).

Mr Green was found with 306 ecstasy tablets when his car was stopped by police and £1,500 worth of cocaine was seized from a storage unit they rented near the gym, the court heard.

The steroids had been supplied by top professional bodybuilder Nathan Deasha who met the couple when he travelled to Devon to give a lecture and lead a training session.

Georgina Green sent him messages asking for as many steroids as he could supply, requesting him to send 'a job lot', the court was told.

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The couple were known on their mobile phone text accounts as Mr and Mrs Iron Man and police recovered messages which allegedly showed her arranging for him to bring £300 worth of cocaine for a customer at the gym.

Mr Green, aged 48, of King Edward Street, Barnstaple, denies possession of MDMA (ecstasy) and cocaine with intent to supply and possession of the £56,000 as criminal property.

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He has admitted possession of steroids with intent to supply and possession of £2,300 cash which he says came from selling them.

Mrs Green, aged 41, denies possession of steroids with intent to supply and possession of £56,000 as criminal property.

Mr Green says the cocaine and ecstasy were for his own use. His wife says she was not involved in the steroid dealing. Both say the boiler room cash came from legitimate business dealings.

Lee Bremridge, prosecuting, said the police arrested Mr Green in his VW Golf near Barnstaple on the evening of August 24, 2017.

The car was parked and he was typing a message on a Dutch registered phone which police experts have not been able to access.

There were 306 MDMA tablets in the driver's door pocket, two other phones, £2,300 cash in two envelopes in the boot and a piece of paper with figures on it which added up to £55,000.

The couple's home was searched and Mrs Green was found with a similar note with figures adding up to £53,000. Keys on Green's keyring opened the boiler room at the gym and the nearby Dainton storage unit.

Boxes containing thousands of pounds worth of illegal steroids were found in the boiler room alongside a Tesco carrier bag stuffed full of bundles of cash adding up to more than £56,000.

The 30 grams of cocaine were found at the storage unit. It was of high purity with a street value of £1,500. There was also a smaller amount next to a straw which had Mr Green's DNA on it.

Mr Bremridge said: "Messages on the phones revealed that a few weeks before both defendants had been in contact with Nathan De Asha, one of Britain's leading professional body builders in order to buy large amounts of steroids.

"The delivery came from an address linked to Deasha and one of his fingerprints was found on the bag of steroids. It appears there was a huge market for drugs like this."

Mr Bremridge said people who buy one type of drug sometimes seek others and Green had also been involved in selling ecstasy and cocaine for cash.

He said one text exchange between him and his wife showed her asking if he could bring an eighth of an ounce of cocaine which they agreed to sell for £300.

The trial continues.

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