The new restrictions in Chanter’s Hill came into effect at the beginning of August.

Parents at a Barnstaple primary school have been left with safety concerns in the wake of new parking restrictions.

A new residents parking zone has been put in place around Chanter's Hill, where Our Lady's Catholic Primary School is situated.

Concerned parents have started an online petition, signed by 90 people so far, for half-hour grace periods at each end of the school day.

One parent worried by the changes is Melissa Barnard, who drives her two children to the Catholic school from Bickington.

Our Lady's Catholic Primary School.Our Lady's Catholic Primary School.

She said the parking restrictions 'pose risks for the safety of vulnerable children'.

She added: "There needs to be a system put in place were parents can simply park half an hour in the mornings and half an hour in the afternoon to ensure their children are safe and dropped off in their classrooms.

"An hour a day is a small price to pay for a child's life."

Limited waiting areas lasting two hours have been placed around Chanters Hill, where parents who need to attend meetings in the school can park.

The school intends to help parents needing to get to there with a 'dropping off' service to limit congestion in the area, where staff will be on hand at the lower entrance to ensure children arrive safely.

It also has plans to produce a new travel plan to help with issues.

The restrictions were agreed in December 2016, when a North Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee heard from residents that the road was being used as a 'school car park'.

Devon County Councillor for Barnstaple North, Brian Greenslade said he hoped parents would have no problems with the changes.

"There's nothing to stop parents dropping off and picking up children at the school," he said.

"The school has a two-hour period providing people don't return within four hours when you park there, and because it was a school we took a more generous attitude.

"Really, the only people affected will be those people who were using it to park all day, and I hope parents won't have any problem."