Cider vinegar producer at Goodleigh wins prestigious environmental award

Ostlers Cider Mill at Goodleigh has won a prestigious Green Apple Environmental Award.

The self-sufficient business run by Becci Paterson is completely off the grid, with sheep and horses fertilising its orchards, but held its own against big national companies to be named in this year’s awards list.

Ostlers will find out exactly what award it has won at a ceremony in the Houses of Parliament in London on November 16.

Becci had to write a paper on Ostlers’ green practices, which include managing the orchards with livestock, solar power and wood burners for heating, plus a three-year conversion programme to make the orchards 100 per cent organic.

This year she expects to produce some 64,000 litres of apple juice, most of which will go to producing cider vinegar for the health food market.

“It’s a great honour to get this award for doing things that we love in the way we love to do it,” she said.

“This is a major award and I think it will really help to put Ostlers on the map.”

Becci has also been asked to become a Green World Ambassador, telling people about cider vinegar, how to manage orchards organically and as an expert in off the grid living.

Ostlers recently won gold in the Taste of the West Awards for a fourth year running and the company is increasing its turnover year on year, with another good harvest expected this year.

But Becci added: “We also get a huge reward here nearly every day by customers telling us how our cider vinegar has helped their various ailments.”