Orphans reunited

My name is Peter Taylor and I am an old boy (560) of St George’s House, Northern Police Orphanage, Harrogate, which was closed down in 1956.

Although I live in New Zealand and have done since 1947, I am the webmaster for our website www.stgeorgesharrogate.org which records everything available about the lives and times of the old boys/girls.

On leaving the orphanage, over time many of our “orphan children” married and established homes right across the UK, including in Devon. We have lost contact with a lot of them, and hopefully through your newspaper would like to publicise our St George’s reunion, which takes place at The Majestic Hotel from Friday, April 19, to Sunday, April 21, this year.

Any St George’s old boys and girls or members of their family who are interested and wish to know more about our reunions can look at our reunions page or for further details contact Peter Taylor at stgeorgesharrogate@gmail.com.

Peter Taylor

New Zealand

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