Golden Hinde takes pride of place on the wall of The Rose Salterne.

Putting the finishing touches to The Rose Salterne.Putting the finishing touches to The Rose Salterne.

A PIECE of Bideford’s past will sit proudly on the wall of the new £1.5 million Wetherspoons, The Rose Salterne, when it opens on Tuesday.

Former pub landlady Hilda Whitney, who ran the Golden Hinde pub in Cooper Street from 1987-1991, donated the artwork after reading about the new pub in the Gazette’s My Town: Bideford magazine.

The 3D piece of art was made to represent the famous Golden Hinde ship, captained by Sir Francis Drake during his circumnavigation of the globe from 1577 to 1580.

Mrs Whitney, 83, said the artwork had been sat in her garage for 26 years and she wanted it to be placed somewhere people could enjoy it.

“I’d been running the Golden Hinde for about two years when a fella came in from London,” said Mrs Whitney.

“He had a great big book full of this artwork and he told me he had made some for Prince Charles.

“I asked him if he would make me a piece and he agreed.”

Mrs Whitney, who ran pubs her whole life and said she was probably the only landlady that didn’t drink, retired when she was 74.

But when she saw that Wetherspoons were trying to find a name for the new pub, she remembered the artwork and came up with the idea of donating it.

“It’s lovely to see it somewhere and to think it’s found a new home,” she said.

“I used to see it on my garage wall and think it was a shame it can’t show itself off somewhere else.

“It’s quite emotional to see it up on the wall in the new Wetherspoons now.”

Managers Emma and Pete Bowman said the ship made a wonderful addition to the pub.

“It’s a magnificent piece of artwork and there is a lot of history behind the building and the town so it ties in perfectly,” said Mrs Bowman.

The Rose Salterne will open on Tuesday at 8am and will be open 8am until midnight Sunday to Thursday, and 8am until 1am on Friday and Saturday.