Ofgem must act

We in Devon Senior Voice, the voluntary forum for the over-50s, are calling on the regulator Ofgem to block the latest six per cent rise in energy prices.

The winter fuel allowances for pensioners have been virtually swallowed up by the last two price rises.

The Prime Minister’s attempt to get the energy companies to offer the lowest tariff is welcome, but will it work? What it shows is that regulation is not effective, and price rises will continue to be imposed by all the companies.

We still do not know what the fair price is, because they will always act in their own interests.

Many DSV members will be badly affected by the remorseless rise in fuel prices, just as winter approaches and they need more heating. How are they to afford this, especially those on fixed incomes?

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More and more people are falling into fuel poverty, and with elderly people this could mean a rise in hospital admissions and deaths.

Companies like British Gas/Centrica are making huge profits for their directors and shareholders, and that example is being followed by the other companies.

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This is like a cartel operating against helpless consumers, who have little choice but to pay.

If, as the Prime Minister says, we “are all in this together”, these companies should accept some sacrifice in their profits at a time of austerity. It is time for Ofgem to regulate – otherwise why do we have a regulator?

Gillie Newcombe

Chairman, Devon Senior Voice

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