The iconic 100th edition of NOW That’s What I Call Music is out today (Friday) and one North Devon man is celebrating owning every single edition.

Tony Howells with his full collection of NOW albums, from one to 100.Tony Howells with his full collection of NOW albums, from one to 100.

Tony Howells, from Bideford, has been collecting the albums since the first one was released on vinyl in 1983.

Since then the 63-year-old has purchased – or been gifted – every compilation released, and NOW100 is the latest addition to the collection.

He said: “I’ve always enjoyed music and thought they were a good collection, so I bought the first one and went from there.

“I don’t know how long it would take to listen to all of them, but if I listened to them one after another I’d probably be dead before I finished.

“I think my favourite is probably NOW 19 because it’s got some tracks I really like on it.”

The first NOW That’s What I Call Music sold 1.1 million copies, and since then more than 2,000 artists have been featured in the series, with sales of more than 120 million.

The albums have been the most popular CD every since since 2010, except for in 2015 when Adele beat it.

NOW100 features two disks: the first celebrating the pop tunes of the moment, and the second filled with ‘NOWstalgia’.