An ambulance crew received a nice surprise when attending a callout in Bideford this week.

Paramedics returned to their vehicle to find a note had been left on their windscreen.

And alongside the short letter, a £10 note was tucked under the windscreen wiper for them to buy a coffee.

The note said: “We would never complain about your guys blocking our drive cos you all do an amazing job thank you :) PS have a coffee on us!”

South West Ambulance Service Foundation Trust shared a picture of the note on Twitter today (Wednesday).

They said: “What a lovely gesture - this note was found by the #ambulance crew whilst they were attending an incident in #Bideford, cakes anyone? #Team999”

A spokesman for SWASFT later told the Gazette: “We really appreciate this lovely gesture.

“It’s wonderful for our frontline staff to be acknowledged in this way. They’ve used the gift for a well-deserved treat.”

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