Not hospitable

My family recently visited Clovelly to visit the gardens, church and then walk the coast path.

When we arrived at the church, half of the area was cordoned off with no parking bollards and the remainder was full.

As we do not know the area well, we carried on to the village parking area and parked there. We were walking to the exit in order to access the gardens when there was a shout of ‘have you got your tickets?’ from the other side of the car park

We were approached by a ‘gentleman’ who demanded to see our tickets. It was explained to him that we did not wish to visit the village but the gardens and that we would be willing to buy a ticket for parking, to which he became quite irate and loudly stated that it was private property and that we would have to buy an entrance ticket to park. We asked if there was any public parking nearby and were told repeatedly that there was no parking in the village and we needed a ticket.

We asked where the nearest public parking was and he told us, with a smirk, to go to Hartland.

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If this is the sort of reception that visitors get, it surprises me that anyone would return. We certainly will never visit the village again.

Incidentally, we asked a local about parking and were directed to somewhere that, although quite a walk, was far more hospitable.

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Andrew Smith

Arundel, West Sussex

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