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I attended the planning meeting about the Atlantic Array last Monday (September 23) and would like to comment on the report in the paper:

“A motion to allow more members of the public to speak was defeated and there were ugly scenes before the meeting when one man was ejected by police after being denied the chance to take the floor.”

Your readers would rightly believe a ‘loudmouth’ was to blame but nothing is further from the truth.

It was not until I got to the meeting to be told a decision had been taken to only allow two speakers from those for and against to speak on the Atlantic Array issue on the agenda. This left only one place for another to speak.

I won’t mention the individual’s name but I felt a grave injustice had been done because the council’s (outdated) constitution only allows 15 minutes for ‘public contributions’.

You may also want to watch:

With only one member of the public wanting to speak it would have prevented the ‘ugly scene’ to stretch a point.

I do feel the council leader was wrong in not advising a special meeting being called to discuss what was described by one speaker as ‘the most important issue they would ever discuss’.

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The councillors had a chance to modernise the way they work but rejected the sensible proposals to bring Torridge District Council into the 21st Century.

There are elections in 2015 and that is the time to remove those councillors who are living in the past and preventing progress in my view.

David Glaholm


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