Not going around the bend at Lynmouth

Police and councils face twisty problem on narrow A39.

A HAIRPIN on the A39 near Lynmouth has caused yet another red face after a lorry became firmly stuck in the bend and blocked the road for hours.

The sharp turn near Hillsford Bridge at Watersmeet has been a source of irritation for local police and highways officers for many years.

Drivers of coaches or large lorries unused to the narrow road regularly become stuck and the road has to be closed while the vehicles are recovered – on Thursday it was blocked for six hours while a delivery lorry was extracted.

“It has happened for as long as I can remember,” said PCSO Grace Cleverdon at Lynton police Station.

“Sat nav does not highlight what type of road it is and because it is the A39 people expect it to be okay. Which it is, but in our part of the world it is single track in places.

“It can divert police resources, it is frustrating and it takes several hours. We have local farmers who know the corner well and are very successful at getting vehicles out quickly, but sometimes that isn’t possible and we have to wait for specialist recovery.”

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A Devon County Council spokesman said: “The route isn’t the easiest for larger vehicles to negotiate but it is passable with care. “We have previously looked at this section of road but unfortunately there are no practical solutions or alternative routes.”

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