Not-for-profit has launched

Tuesday (June 4) saw the public launch of One Ilfracombe at the Crescent Hotel in Fore Street.

This was the opportunity for town council members and the community to come and meet the members and directors of One Ilfracombe, the not-for-profit company set up to give local people a greater say in how public services are delivered.

Each of the directors of One Ilfracombe present gave a brief description of who they were, and why they had volunteered to work with One Ilfracombe.

There were senior managers from the public services, elected members, and an impressive line-up of independent people covering a wide range of professional experience, all giving their time on a voluntary basis.

The leaders of the three areas that One Ilfracombe is focusing on – Health and Wellbeing, Economy and Growth, and Public Realm – all gave a detailed explanation of how they were approaching the challenges facing us, and how they plan to achieve their expectations.

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The meeting was well attended by the community, who gave some very positive feedback and offers to become involved. Absent, though, were the members of Ilfracombe Town Council and the public who have been critical of One Ilfracombe, frequently claiming a lack of transparency, accountability, and the cost to the council tax payer.

Well, Tuesday evening was the ideal opportunity to air their concerns, but they chose not to attend.

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As Mayor of Ilfracombe, and leader of Ilfracombe Town Council, I would like to thank all those who did attend and who contributed to the event.

Councillor Lynda Courtnadge

Mayor of Ilfracombe

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