Not fit for porpoise

Great news! A third massive offshore wind factory has been stopped/delayed because of the issue of protected species!

(See the article “Germany delays windfarm because it’s not fit for porpoise, yet” in the August 16 edition of The Guardian.)

Power companies have had to delay construction of the 25,000 megawatt windfarm off the coast because of fears the noise may kill thousands of porpoises.

E.ON and RWE are now having to spend millions attempting to reduce the noise caused by driving turbines into the seabed after environmental groups warned of the threat to porpoises’ hearing.

“A porpoise is doomed to die if its hearing is shattered,” stated Kim Detloff, a marine expert at German nature conservation group NABU.

There are about 230,000 porpoises in the North and Baltic seas. Noise is a particular threat to porpoises and dolphins because they use sound to navigate, locate prey and find partners.

Concern for the porpoises’ welfare is one of the factors that make it much more expensive to build a windfarm in Germany than it does in the UK. It is a sad reflection that this country has so far failed to take such considerations into account.

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We at SOMM (Save Our Marine Mammals) have been working with our own expert on the issue. We are in total agreement with our campaigning colleagues in Wales that measures to mitigate or moderate the proposed Atlantic Array will not be enough. We have to stop it.

Peter Cresswell

Chairman, Save Our Marine Mammals


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