Gerald Waldron has taken it upon himself to clear up the overgrown plants and moss outside his home in Chanters Road.

A Northam man has taken matters into his own hands after Devon County Council ‘refused’ to cut back the weeds outside his home.

Builder Gerald Waldron couldn’t bear seeing the ‘utter mess’ at the end of his drive in Chanters Road, so he and two of his employees cleared it themselves.

Mr Waldron said: “What is the point of spending money on these nice cobbles when you can’t see them for all of the weeds and moss?

“I’m just absolutely fed up of it. I have pride in where I live, I want it to look nice.”

Mr Waldron said DCC would not dispose of the cut-down plants.

“I then asked them if I cleared it would they waiver the charges at the dump, as I am a trader I get charged, but they still said no,” he added.

A DCC spokesman said the ‘massive’ pressure on budgets meant they had to cut back on grass cutting to only ensure safe visibility.

He added: “Self-help is an important part of Devon’s strategy that enables volunteers who wish to do so, to follow the guidance that we have published so they can do some of the work that we can no longer afford to fund.

“However, such waste is not classified as household waste and unfortunately our recycling centres charge for accepting non-statutory waste.

“Local allotment associations or community composting groups may be able to assist.”