Charity comes up with snow shovel Star Wars-themed creations for annual summer fair.

A Bideford charity has come up with an out of this world idea to create Star Wars themed scarecrows using snow shovels.

Seven teams - Daft Vader, Inglorious Blasters, Yo Da Team-tastic, Tuskenators, Green Greedos, Ewok 'n' Woll and Carol Maul - battled to make the best scarecrow.

The teams, made up of Northam Lodge clients and staff, spent 12 weeks crafting the creations from the shovels donated by Bideford Tesco, for judging by community champion Sallie McKay-Roper and the charity's chief executive Charlie Dixon.

The triumphant winner was Ewok, Wicket W. Warrick, who particularly impressed the judges with his hand-print 'fur' made by Matthew New and Jamie Graham.

Tom Gleeson, Northam Lodge's activity coordinator, said: "It was superb to see all the clients getting involved in some way or another, no matter what their ability."

The charity provides care and support for people with learning disabilities.