Northam Burrows work almost completed

Update: Membranes and fresh material put in place to prevent further erosion at former landfill site.

WORK to halt erosion at Northam Burrows is expected to be finished by tomorrow (Wednesday).

Contractors have moved pebbles up against the dunes where the erosion occurred to create a slope rather than a sheer drop.

A layer of geo-textile membrane has been placed underneath the pebbles to help hold the dunes in place and prevent seawater from undermining the new material placed on top.

Last month, a combination of stormy seas and high tides unearthed part of the old dump, used from the early 1940s to the mid 1990s, revealing landfill litter such as plastics and even old carpets.

The �3,000 scheme is being funded by Torridge District Council, which owns the Burrows, and Devon County Council, which is responsible for the landfill site.

Work has proceeded apace in order to fortify the dunes before the return of high tides next week.

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