The new chief executive of diversity organisation North Devon Sunrise is looking to grow it and recruit more volunteers.

Sarah Vingoe took on the role in August to head up the organisation that works in the community to eliminate discrimination and promote positive community relations.

Miss Vingoe said: "I am starting my role at an exciting time for Sunrise as we grow and develop our services in the community and I am fortunate to be working with highly skilled and passionate staff, dedicated volunteers and a committed and forward-looking board of directors."

Sunrise provides a range of services which include free English lessons, open to everyone where English is not their first language.

Miss Vingoe continued: "There is nothing I want to change; we just need to continue and develop what we do in the community.

"I may be the chief executive but we are a team, all our directors and staff, we all work together."

Miss Vingoe is looking to work across more schools in North Devon in the autumn term to promote diversity and hate crime awareness after the success of the spring five-week course piloted to a group of local secondary school students.

She has been a part of Sunrise for more than four years.

She added: "I have a long track record of working for organisations in the corporate, charitable and statutory sectors, and for the past few years I have been the finance officer."

Sunrise is hoping to have a new recruitment drive for volunteers to help the staff at the different events and activities that it puts on for the community, such as the North Devon Diversity Festival in June.

Miss Vingoe said: "We can be working with people that are in such difficult situations but our staff are really positive and we are all just excited about what Sunrise has to offer.

"Anybody can volunteer, some roles may require more training that others, but we just want people that are excited and passionate about the work we are doing."

Sunrise's services are to benefit both minority groups and the general public.

To find out more about the services provided visit .