An author claims to have found the little-known site of the follow up to the battle of Hastings between Appledore and Northam.

An author from Appledore claims to have found the little-known site of the follow-up to the Battle of Hastings.

Nick Arnold, who writes the Horrible Science books, believes he has located the site, off Windmill Lane, between Appledore and Northam.

The battle was fought in 1069 between an army gathered by King Harold’s sons and the Normans – three years after the famous 1066 Hastings clash.

It settled who would rule England once and for all.

Having had his research backed by historians, Nick is now campaigning for the site to be protected by Torridge District Council as it could become a ‘tourist bonanza.’

Mr Arnold said he had discovered the site by ‘joining up the dots’.

He said: “There is no one source of information that says this is the battlefield, but if you put together the historic sources, the dusk and tide dates, and also the landscape evidence, and how it was in 1069, you can see that it is the only possible site.

“We have the potential here with this site to draw visitors to our area for centuries to come.

“You can’t put a value on that asset in economic terms.”

Mr Arnold said he wants to see the area given Local Green Space designation, meaning large scale development would not be allowed in the area.

“The discovery of this battlefield means it’s absolutely essential to protect it,” he added.