North Devon set for a ‘bumper’ year in holiday bookings, according to Bideford company.

This summer is set to be a ‘bumper year’ for North Devon ‘staycations’, according to a Bideford business. has seen bookings for North Devon up 11 per cent - and a 15 per cent increase across the South West compared to last year.

Overall, the company has had a record increase in summer bookings across the UK by 329 per cent.

James Morris, managing director of, said: “We forecast 2015 would be a big year for UK tourism and are so pleased to see the figures backing up our predictions.”

Mr Morris said the upwards trend could be for a number of reasons.

“With the warmer temperatures we’ve experienced in the last few years and predictions of the warmest summer yet, we expect more people to flock to the UK, instead of spending their well-earned holiday time queueing at airports or spending hours travelling on a plane,” he said.

“Another factor is the decrease in petrol prices, meaning it is now more affordable to travel in your car, exploring local areas.”