Schools funding campaigners have lobbied their MPs after parents and teachers descended on London

North Devon parents have taken their battle for fairer educational funding to Parliament.

Members of the Fair Funding For All Schools Devon campaign and school staff took part in a lobby of 1,000-plus people to raise awareness for cash-strapped schools.

Tamsin Higgs from Braunton, who has led the North Devon arm of the campaign since the start of this year, went to London accompanied by her three children.

She met up with North Devon MP Peter Heaton-Jones at Portcullis House to discuss with him education funding and the 'historic underfunding' in Devon.

She said: "Peter assured me that he is taking our concerns to Nick Gibb (minister for education) directly. In this sense these actions are very effective.

"I expressed concern to Peter that although the Government has responded by increasing the core schools budget, in many Devon schools this increase amounts to little over one per cent change from the previous figures and will make little difference where schools already faced losing large numbers of staff.

"We agreed this has been made worse by the county council's decision to cut per pupil funding by an extra £33/ per pupil. This was recently upheld by it despite Peter's objections and Brian Greenslade's motion against the cuts."

After meeting with Mr Heaton-Jones, Tamsin and her children headed to Emmanuel House to hear from speakers such as Kevin Courtney, Vince Cable and shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

Her youngest children Leonee and Otis attend Kingsacre Primary School in Braunton and her elder daughter Zahra is a former Pilton Community College.

Tamsin, who has held several events in North Devon and also set up a group in Torrington, added: "I started campaigning on the issue when I realised how the government's claims to be protecting school funding actually amounted to significant cuts in real terms and that school heads were struggling to make ends meet and may have to reduce teacher numbers.

"Schools in Devon therefore still face a dire situation overall with little improvement through the new Funding Formula and a total lack of transparency with regard to funding levels after 2019/20."

Concerned parents can keep track of the campaign via the Fair Funding For All Schools Devon Facebook page.

In a statement, Nick Gibb said: "There are no cuts in funding - every school will see an increase in funding through the formula from 2018.

"As the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies has confirmed, overall schools funding is being protected at a national level in real terms per pupil over the next two years. At the same time, our historic reform of the school funding system - backed by an additional £1.3bn of extra funding - will replace the current post-code lottery which has created hugely unfair differences in funding between similar schools in different parts of the country.

"Our new formula will allocate a cash increase of at least one per cent per pupil to every school by 2019-20, with much higher gains for underfunded schools."