A school in North Devon has its first ever climate change teacher.

Kingsley School head of geography Steve Whaley is one of the first wave of teachers in the UK to become a United Nations-accredited climate change teacher.

Mr Whaley has been working hard to gain the qualification, which now allows him to deliver climate chance lessons to all pupils at the school in Bideford, as well as delivering education on the subject through geography lessons and extracurricular activities.

The programme was launched earlier this year and is free for all primary and secondary school teachers.

Once accredited they are able to deliver climate change facts and the best practices for mitigation - preparing young people to protect the planet.

Mr Whaley said the timing of the qualification was 'spot on', with the school also launching a new Earth Centre, which includes practical assignments focused on environmental sustainability.

"As a keen environmentalist I was delighted to get the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and understanding of climate change," said Mr Whaley

"The timing is spot on, with climate change being so at the fore of current affairs and with the launch of the Earth Centre at Kingsley.

"For the next century to be a success for humankind, environmental sustainability needs to be at the core of everything we do.

"Earth is creaking, and the big question: can our Earth support and enable a population of 10 billion people to live contented and flourishing lives? Remains unanswered.

"Being an accredited UN climate change teacher and the launch of the new of The Earth Centre puts environmental sustainability at the heart of school life here at Kingsley: increasing awareness, asking the right questions and developing the future leaders and practitioners for the future."

"Climate change has been in the curriculum for years. The information I learnt on the course is astonishing and we really need to provide our students with the up to the minute knowledge on climate change so we can empower them to make the decisions that can make a difference."

Mr Whaley is not the only climate change teacher in North Devon - Pilton Community College also has its own accredited teacher for the subject.