North Devon prepares for heavy rain and high winds

The South West prepares for high winds on Monday. (Pic: Met Office)

The South West prepares for high winds on Monday. (Pic: Met Office) - Credit: Archant

‘Significant storm’ forming in west Atlantic could bring heavy rainfall and gusts of up to 80mph.

THE Met Office has warned unsettled weather could be on the way over the next few days with heavy rain and strong winds.

A significant storm is predicted by the forecasters to develop close to the UK and has the potential to bring gusts of more than 80mph to exposed coasts.

Eddie Carroll, chief forecaster at the Met Office, said: “This storm doesn’t exist at the moment, but our forecasts models predict it is likely to develop in the west Atlantic on Saturday.

“Then it’s likely to rapidly intensify just west of the UK late on Sunday before tracking across England and Wales early on Monday.

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“There is still a chance this storm may take a more southerly track and miss the UK, bringing impacts elsewhere in northern Europe, but people should be aware there is a risk of severe weather and significant disruption.

“With that in mind, people should keep up to date with and act on the advice in our forecasts and warnings as the situation develops.”

Weather warnings are currently in place for North Devon for rain on Friday morning, and Sunday evening.

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High winds expected

There are also yellow and amber warnings for wind affecting parts of North Devon on Monday.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: “A band of heavy rain will move northeast across south-western areas of England and south Wales early on Friday, with a further 10-20 mm of rain for much of the area and the risk of more than 30 mm over high ground.

“A rapidly deepening low pressure system is likely to approach south-western parts of Britain at the end of Sunday, although with some uncertainties over the timing.

“During the initial phase, heavy rainfall seems more likely to be the main issue, with surface water flooding perhaps happening quite quickly in places given the intensity of rain falling onto already wet ground, perhaps exacerbated by drains blocked by leaf and twig debris.

“This concern is likely to be swiftly superseded by the impact of the increasing winds for which a separate warning (for Monday) is in force.

“A strong, high-level jet is expected to engage warm low level air to give rise to a rapidly moving low pressure system later on Sunday.

“This is expected to run north-eastwards, probably across England and Wales, with very strong winds on its southern and western flanks.

“There is the potential for gusts of over 80 mph, especially on exposed coasts, both in south-westerly winds ahead of the low and west to north-westerly winds behind it.”

The Met Office warned of the risk of falling trees and damage to buildings from the wind, but said timing and intensity of the wind was still uncertain.

Check back for more updates as we have them.

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