North Devon police officers honoured for long service

Two officers from Holsworthy and Bideford have been awarded for long service and good conduct.

TWO North Devon police officers have been honoured for long service and good conduct with more than 40 years in the force between them.

PC Neil Hellens, who is stationed at Holsworthy, and Sergeant Paul Vincent, of Bideford, both received the awards.

PC Hellens transferred to Devon and Cornwall Police in June 2004 after 13 years in Essex Police.

He has received three commendations, including for arresting and forcible disarming a man with a knife that had just stabbed a stranger to death in the street.

In a separate incident, he also achieved the Sun National Bravery Award and visited 10 Downing Street after disarming and arresting a mentally disturbed man who had poured petrol over himself.

Sergeant Vincent joined the Metropolitan Police in 1990 after six years in the Royal Engineers.

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He later joined the Territorial Support Group, during which time he arrested the infamous stalker of royalty, Dr Klaus Wagner.

In 2001 he moved to the South West with his family and has achieved 12 commendations during his time with the police service.

The two officers received their awards at a special ceremony at China Fleet Country club in Saltash along with 14 other officers across the force.

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