Charity says there is a ‘desperate need’ for more people in the area to adopt a child

More families are needed in North Devon to give children a permanent loving home, according to a local adoption charity.

Families for Children (FFC) North Devon says there is a desperate need for more people to come forward to take on children who would otherwise be left in the foster care system.

Practice manager Jakki Parsons said the charity, which has offices across the South West, specialises in ‘harder to place children’.

“This might be sibling groups, children with additional needs or older children,” she said.

“Because they are in that category we struggle to get adopters, because we are looking for people who will expect those additional complications and it’s always those children who get left behind.

“If people could see some of these children, they would realise how little they are, how needy they are and how desperate they are for a permanent family of their own.”

FFC also believes in long term support for parents and will still be there to help in any way it can many years down the line or even when the child becomes an adult.

The charity has an office at the Castle Hill Estate, Filleigh and holds monthly information mornings, with the next on Saturday, September 29 from 10am to 12noon.

It is an opportunity to chat to staff, find out more and meet families who have already adopted.

The charity comes under the Adoption South West umbrella of agencies, which currently have 49 children in Devon waiting for adoption, though generally children will be placed from outside the area.

North Devon photographer Andy Casey and his wife Katie adopted their daughter through Families for Children when she was 18 months and she is now four.

“We would not change her for love nor money,” he said.

“It has just been so rewarding and we have also been able to provide her with the hone and support that she needed.”

To find out more, call 01271 612004, visit or call in at one of the Filleigh information mornings.