Peter Heaton-Jones has pledged to support our #BarnstapleBaby campaign and says he is fighting for North Devon’s services ‘at the highest level’.

North Devon’s MP has thrown his support behind our campaign to support North Devon’s maternity services.

Peter Heaton-Jones says he is using ‘every opportunity’ to fight North Devon’s case.

He has pledged his support to our #BarnstapleBaby campaign, alongside hundreds of Gazette readers.

Mr Heaton-Jones said: “The #BarnstapleBaby campaign is a great idea.

“As I said at last week’s town council meeting, the whole community needs to show our strength of feeling against any proposed cuts to our maternity unit, and this is a really effective way of doing so.

“Generations of babies have been born in Barnstaple because it’s our local hospital, and North Devon’s unique geography means it must stay that way.

“I’m using every opportunity as North Devon’s MP to fight our case with the NHS at the highest levels, and the #BarnstapleBaby campaign is the perfect way to show that our whole community feels the same way.”

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