Giant vegetable grower David Maund is back again this year with big plans for produce as he enters first national show.

A giant vegetable grower from Bideford is dreaming big ahead of his first national show.

David Maund, 65, has been lovingly preparing his humongous produce for months, and is entering 14 categories at the national competition in Malvern, Worcestershire this week.

David first got into growing for quality three years ago. But, after seeing some impressive produce at shows, he couldn’t resist trying to grow some giants of his own.

“Last year, I grew a giant pumpkin for fun,” he said. “I saw what everyone else was growing and got hooked.

“I can’t go on holiday and leave my veg. I’m going to Mexico in November because it’s the slackest period for me, but no doubt I’ll still be worrying about next year’s then.”

This year’s haul is an extremely impressive one. Among David’s five allotment plots dotted around Torridge, there is a pumpkin of 250lbs, a squash of 350lb, and 30-inch-long cucumbers weighing 10-13lbs apiece.

David’s also grown some remarkable cabbages – which he takes home to eat ‘for days at a time’ – and massive marrows, lengthy runner beans and a tomato which measures 21 inches in circumference.

David, whose pumpkin featured in the Gazette last year, revealed that the secret lies in genetics.

“It’s all about the quality of the seed,” he said.

“I look around the world and talk to people in America and around Europe to get the best seed. I’ve already started growing some leeks for next year.

“You also need good weather, a lot of manure and plenty of good luck.”

David is hoping his passion will pay off at the Malvern Autumn Show, on September 26-27.