Laptop appeal launched to help North Devon families

Gary Arlett and Andrew Marshall are appealing for donated laptops pictured outside Computers in Barnstaple with laptops

Gary Arlett and Andrew Marshall are appealing for donated laptops to help North Devon low income families during lockdown - Credit: Andrew Marshall

The appeal has gone out for laptops to help North Devon families and the vulnerable during lockdown. 

Local businessmen Andrew Marshall and Gary Arlett have appealed for donations of used laptops to help children from low income families with their schooling, or those who would otherwise be cut off from the world. 

Computer technician Andrew, of OPC Computers, said all donations could be dropped off by appointment at Gary’s shop Computers in Silver Street, Barnstaple. 

If possible each donated laptop needs a charger in good condition (not frayed) and a battery, but they will consider any donations. 

Every laptop will be refurbished, wiped of all data and have Windows installed before being tested and sent out. 

Andrew said there was an urgent need for the laptops following the sudden onset of lockdown and they were asking people to donate as quickly as they could. 

He said: “It’s for anyone that wants to donate a laptop to a low income family or anybody that’s vulnerable, we will be helping both, those who can’t get one from the government quickly or cannot afford to buy anything.” 

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People receiving help will be asked to provide documentation proving they are in need. 

If you wish to donate, or need assistance, call Andrew Marshall on 07703 583538 or Gary Arlett on 07469 927522. 

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