There are exactly 140 candidates standing for seats on North Devon Council in the district elections on Thursday, May 2.

Before voters head to the polls, we quizzed the main political parties on their ambitions for the district, should they gain seats.

There are also 10 non-politically-aligned independent candidates standing too. View a full list of the candidates here.

Conservative Party

North Devon Conservatives are fielding 31 candidates in the district council election.

A statement from the local party said: “This district election is vital. It's about who manages local services, sets your council tax and secures jobs and investment for North Devon.

“This election is NOT about Brexit or Westminster politics – it's about who'll be the strongest voice for our local communities. And that's the Conservatives.”

Eight long-standing Conservative councillors are standing down, including North Devon Council leader Des Brailey. The local party thanked them for their service but said it had some exciting new candidates.

It said: “These include two parish council chairs, two people with experience of Parliament, and even Devon's Volunteer of the Year.

“They're a diverse mix too: we have four candidates under the age of 30, one who's nearly 80, and one with pink hair! And we're delighted that almost half are women.”

The party said it had helped attract millions of pounds in Government funding to the area, including the Link Road, new leisure centre and £15m for the region's new Institute of Technology.

Liberal Democrats

North Devon Liberal Democrats, led by their first female prospective parliamentary candidate, Kirsten Johnson, are standing a record-breaking 37 candidates in the district election.

The party says it is mining a rich seam of local talent, with the youngest candidate aged 19, standing unopposed in Fort Hill. In Bickington, there are three candidates.

There are more women on the team than previously and new faces in Bishops Nympton and in Landkey.

Kirsten Johnson said: “This is a team of candidates who properly represent the communities of North Devon they hope to serve as councillors. Our candidates in 2019 reflect the real North Devon.”

David Worden, leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on North Devon Council, said: “It is great to have such a group of enthusiastic, passionate and compassionate people to work with. We have been working hard everywhere and offer the voters of North Devon a positive alternative to the austerity and political cynicism of the Conservatives.”

The Labour Party

The North Devon Labour Party is fielding a record 24 candidates across 20 wards at the district elections.

Labour nearly doubled its share of the vote in North Devon at the last General Election and local support for the party has surged, with Labour in second place across the county and the whole of the South West.

Labour spokesman Mark Cann said: “The Conservative government is starving councils of cash and its cuts to funding mean less affordable homes, education starved of resources and our youth centres and libraries closing or under threat.

“Here in North Devon we have a housing crisis with a decent secure home being out of reach for many as we see house prices and rents soar.

“We need to be building more genuinely affordable homes and we desperately need a return to the council building homes.

“The local elections are a chance to have your say on nine years of Tory cuts to public services.

“Labour will deliver the funding councils need, stand up for local services and rebuild our communities.”

North Devon Green party

The North Devon Green Party is standing a team of 32 candidates for the district council elections - 18 men and 14 women, from 18 to 80 years old.

A party statement said: “We are proud to have full coverage in Barnstaple, Ilfracombe and Braunton. We are expecting to make real gains this year.

“The Green Party has exciting policies to improve the quality of life in North Devon. Making planning and development work for local people by involving them in decisions that affect their areas.

“More democratic decision-making will enable communities to respond directly to the challenges they face.

“In town and parish councils, we have proved that we speak up for people in the communities we represent.

“When elected to district council, our candidates will be a stronger voice for North Devon, actually accountable to you. Green Party councillors speak up for their local residents, as we do not have a 'party whip' telling members how to vote.”


UKIP is fielding five candidates in the North Devon district elections.

In a statement the local party said: “It does not matter which way or whether you voted in the 2016 referendum. In the years since the country voted to leave the EU, the established parties have demonstrated, beyond any reasonable doubt, what they really think of us, the 'ordinary' voter.

“That is why they fear the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and misrepresent it with such determination. This is a party made up of ordinary voters from all walks of life, who share a commitment to honesty and common sense.

“It is a long-standing principle and practice of UKIP that our candidates for local government, if elected, first and foremost, serve their wards not the party, by listening to whatever grievances, worries, ideas and suggestions may be forthcoming. We do not assume that 'big is best' or that 'centralising' is the way forward. We do not accept it is inevitable or desirable that North Devon be developed so that it is the same as anywhere else.”

There are also 10 independents not aligned to any political party standing for election to North Devon Council. To find your full list of candidates for your local North Devon ward, CLICK HERE .