North Devon ‘is better than Harley Street’

Holiday boss says local health care is even better than top London clinics as he lends his support to the North Devon Chemotherapy Appeal.

ILFRACOMBE holiday boss John Fowler has put his weight behind the North Devon Chemotherapy Appeal because he says the treatment locally is even better than London’s exclusive Harley Street.

The owner of John Fowler Holidays, which has parks throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, has donated �10,000 to the appeal and made it one his company’s favourite charity.

He has also been impressed with The Warwick Practice in Ilfracombe and is donating �10,000 to it was well.

Mr Fowler, 84, said he had been visiting Harley Street for 14 years as a private patient, but he was surprised to discover the treatment on his own doorstep was also top-notch.

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The London street has become renowned for its specialists and clinics and Mr Fowler said clients at clinics he had attended included celebrities, overseas statesmen and royalty.

“But I recently started using the NHS locally – and to my amazement it is many, many times better than going all the way to Harley Street for treatment,” he said.

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“When I asked at North Devon District Hospital if I could help them in any way, they said straight away their main appeal is for the chemo unit, which is fantastic.

“When people are ill and having endless treatments, it is a nightmare for them to have to go all the way to Exeter.”

The money brings the appeal total to �1.3 million after 18 months of fund raising, said Ian Roome of the Chemotherapy Appeal.

“We are really grateful to John and his wife plus John Fowler Holidays,” he said.

“It will go a long way for the people of North Devon, plus we get patients from North Cornwall and of course people on holiday as well.

“A new dedicated chemotherapy treatment unit will make life better for people in they area who have been told they unfortunately have to fight cancer or be treated for other haematological problems.”

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