North Devon Hospice is hunting for a new trustee with a particular set of skills to help it through the pandemic and beyond.

Could you become a trustee for North Devon Hospice? Picture: NDHCould you become a trustee for North Devon Hospice? Picture: NDH

The charity, which supports local people and their families affected by life-limiting illness, needs someone with retail, fundraising or e-commerce skills to help meet the challenges ahead.

Trustees are volunteers who lead the strategic direction of the hospice via the board of trustees, each bringing unique skills and experience from their own working lives.

Vice chairman Zara Svensson said: “Being a trustee has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

“The board helps to steer the ship, making sure the charity is running on all cylinders and scanning the horizon to make sure we are planning for the future.”

A North Devon Hospice community nurse visits a patient at home. Picture: NDHA North Devon Hospice community nurse visits a patient at home. Picture: NDH

While the hospice has been able to carry on caring throughout the pandemic, the effects mean that greater challenges lie ahead.

Zara added: “The forward planning of those involved in running the hospice in previous years has enabled us to respond to the current pandemic and continue to provide high quality care and support.

“Now we need to be the ones who look to the future and make sure the hospice will be able to meet the challenges of the coming years. The hospice is fortunate to have a board of trustees with a variety of skills and we are constantly looking at how to make every penny count.

“Our shops have always been very well supported by our community and are a vital part of our fundraising, but as we look to develop our e-commerce capability, we need to add to the knowledge and skills on the board in this area.”

As with most charities, the hospice has seen its fundraising greatly affected by the pandemic, with restrictions preventing almost all of its regular events, as well as its shops and anywhere that people might normally mix.

Zara concluded: “When you’re fortunate enough to see the difference the hospice makes to the lives of local people, it makes your role as trustee all the more rewarding.

“We’re hoping someone with the right skills and passion will want to join us, to help make life better for so many in North Devon who rely on the hospice, and those who will do in the future.”

Applications are now open, closing on December 4. For more information and to apply, please visit .