North Devon firm plays vital role in worldwide Covid battle

Sara Rychter, Ilfracombe, UK

Sara Rychter, Ilfracombe, UK - Credit: Pall Ilfracombe

As we end 2021 with a nationwide mass booster vaccine campaign, staff at North Devon-based Pall Ilfracombe are celebrating pride for their crucial role in the worldwide rollout of the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine.  

As leaders in the life science market, Pall Ilfracombe, has a proven history in developing innovative processing for new drug development and vaccine production.  

When a vaccine was developed as the answer to the global Covid pandemic, the team at the Ilfracombe plant were able to quickly and efficiently upscale their manufacturing processes to support mass production of the vaccines.  

Deen Harman, Vice-President of Operations said: “It’s truly amazing to think that a seaside town in North Devon is playing such an essential part in the global vaccine effort. I think it is just beginning to dawn on the team here how critical the work they do has been in helping to combat Covid.  

“This truly was a team effort and one we can all take pride in. All variants of the Covid vaccine use Pall products manufactured right here in our Ilfracombe plant.”  

Peter Brocklesby, Plant Manager, added: “The demand for a worldwide vaccine meant a 40% growth in production at our Ilfracombe plant. Working in healthcare, things are always changing and we prepare for a level of growth of between 8-12% per year. 

“I am so proud of what we have achieved and the crucial part we have played in the global vaccine production.”  

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Built in 1978 on the old railway station, Pall Ilfracombe started with just 50 employees. Now employing 850 associates, and currently recruiting, Pall manufactures life-changing products for cancer and gene therapy as well as other vaccines, including the flu vaccine, as Peter explains:  

Products made in Ilfracombe help protect and purify a wide range of foods, drinks, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines of every kind. Without a doubt, these products play a big role in improving our daily lives, as well as our global health.  

Pall Ilfracombe are currently recruiting for new associates. Anyone interested in joining the team is asked to contact Acorn Recruitment at 

Pall Ilfracombe

Pall Ilfracombe - Credit: Pall Ilfracombe

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