A driving scheme delivering potential life-saving messages to the next generation of drivers is well underway in North Devon.

Learner driver Alex McNeill has been learning about safe driving with Deborah Morphew. Picture: Matt SmartLearner driver Alex McNeill has been learning about safe driving with Deborah Morphew. Picture: Matt Smart

A total of 25 approved driving instructors are now teaching learner drivers safe driving alongside The Honest Truth.

The Honest Truth's campaign aims to warn about the factors which can lead to collisions, whether its being distracted, drink and drug driving, speeding, driving when tired, failing to use seatbelts or using mobile phones.

The scheme has been funded by North Devon and Torridge Community Safety Partnership in conjunction with The Northern Devon Road Safety Forum.

Deborah Morphew is one of the driving instructors delivering lessons with The Honest Truth.

Deborah said she wanted to sign up to The Honest Truth after seeing a 'lack of care and concern' on the roads and 'day to day bad driving'.

She said: "It worries me when I am teaching my students that they might be those people. I just wanted to teach people not just to pass their test but be safe drivers.

"It's given me the tools to deliver something more hard-hitting to help students think about changing their behaviour and thought process and when it came up I thought it was a great opportunity.

"It's teaching students what could possibly happen and how they can change their thought process.

"Without realising they are passing those things on to their family, friends and relatives they are in the car with. It's a really worthwhile cause."

One of the students Deborah is delivering The Honest Truth campaign to is Alex McNeill.

The 17-year-old from South Molton said the lessons had been eye-opening.

She said: "It's about practicing good habits and getting into them.

"Doing these things while you are learning means hopefully you won't think about it as you get more experienced and it just becomes natural.

"It's about making sure you don't do the things you shouldn't and start a chain.

"Hopefully people will see you and learn from you and these things will keep filtering down.

"It's about teaching people not to pass their test but teach them to be safe for life.

"You don't think changing a song could end up in a death but if you aren't concentrating that is how dangerous it could be."