Robert and Sue Barlow grow 13-inch monster - and plan to use it in a salad

A prolific vegetable-growing couple from North Devon have grown another huge tomato.

Robert and Sue Barlow, of Frithelstockstone, picked the monster tomato this week, which weighed in at 1lb 3oz and measured 13 inches in circumference.

The retired couple have been growing various vegetables in their greenhouse for 10 years, and last year plucked a whopper of 1lb 7oz.

“We just grow them to eat,” said Robert. “I don’t know what it is, but we’ve never had tomatoes growing like this before.”

Sue said she already has plans for this year’s yield.

“It’s too good to cook it,” she said. “It has to go in a nice salad.”

The Barlows have also grown an unusually shaped tomato this year.

“It’s like it has a collar or a moustache,” said Sue. “It’s beautiful.”

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