Report recommends to keep figures the same as last year

A recommendation to freeze councillors’ allowances will go before North Devon Council tonight (Wednesday).

It is proposed at the Annual Council Meeting in the Civic Centre to keep the figure the same as it has been for the past two years.

The allowance, which is to enable councillors to carry out their duties, varies depending on the positions they hold within the council.

A basic allowance of £4,570 a year is paid to every councillor, while a multiplier is applied to that for special positions.

Leader Des Brailey gets three-and-a-half times the basic at £15,995 and deputy Pat Barker gets £6,855, the same as shadow leader Brian Greenslade.

The chairman of the overview and scrutiny committee gets £6,855, while the planning chairman receives £4,570.

The annual adjustment is normally made in accordance with changes in staff pay. This year the council has offered a one per cent increase to staff, but it has so far been rejected by unions.