Landkey parish councillors to debate offer to buy car park at meeting this week

North Devon Council has confirmed it has no intention to sell the free car park in Landkey – should the parish council reject an offer to buy it.

Landkey Parish Council is set to discuss the offer at a meeting tomorrow tonight (Wednesday) but has already said that it was reluctant to borrow money in order to fund the purchase.

At a meeting earlier this month, parish councillors resolved to seek more information about the liabilities of ownership and the cost of re-surfacing.

At the meeting on September 7, district councillor David Luggar said any moves by the district to dispose of the 38-space car park were ‘completely unacceptable’.

Landkey car park. Picture: Andy KeebleLandkey car park. Picture: Andy Keeble

This week, he told the Gazette: “The council is talking about disposing of assets that don’t make any revenue but I would argue that the council’s job is to provide services, not make money.

“It was first discussed a couple of months ago and has caused a lot of distress among people here. If it is sold off, it could be offered to a developer – this has got to be safeguarded against.”

But leader of North Devon Council Des Brailey said there was ‘no intention’ to sell the car park should the parish council not wish to buy it.

“We have been looking at our assets and it was suggested that we perhaps offer Landkey Parish Council the opportunity to purchase the village car park,” he said.

“We will make them an offer and if they don’t want it then clearly we will leave it as it is.”