North Devon Council has made a commitment to tackling climate change by signing up to a Devon-wide declaration.

Councillors were unanimous in voting to sign up to the declaration at a full council meeting on Wednesday. It has been signed by Devon County Council and other district councils across Devon.

The declaration involves committing to helping achieve a 45 per cent reduction in carbon emissions nationwide by 2030, with a 100 per cent reduction by 2050.

The council also agreed to set up a working party which will look at tackling climate change and what it can do to help prevent global warming.

It also appointed Councillor Caroline Leaver as lead member for climate change.

Cllr Leaver said: "We all need to work together to tackle this huge threat to our future. We can all do our bit and, of course, that's important, but we need to work with all of our partners and our community to strengthen action through collaboration.

"The scale and urgency of the global challenge from climate change must be recognised and acted on or the world will be an entirely different place by the time a child starting primary school this year finishes their secondary education.

"I look forward to working with council members and officers, and other organisations and groups, to tackle this massively important issue. It's time for us to be bold. I relish the challenge ahead."

More information about the Devon Climate Declaration can be found here.