Despite councillor’s reservation, executive committee agrees to fund refurbishment of ‘historic’ fountain on Barnstaple Square.

North Devon Council has agreed to stump up £12,000 to fix a 139-year-old fountain in Barnstaple.

In June the Gazette reported how the Willshire Fountain on Barnstaple Square had been shut down after numerous attempts to repair it.

It was fully refurbished last 11 years ago and despite having two new water pumps in 2014, is currently not working.

Members of NDC’s executive committee today (Tuesday) agreed to fund aa full repair of the ‘iconic’ landmark.

Cllr Dick Jones said: “This is an important part of the heritage of Barnstaple and we should look to preserve it.”

But Cllr Glyn Lane voiced concerns the fountain was a ‘liability’ and he was not sure how many people had actually complained that it was not working.

He said: “Yes it’s very nice and a great historic feature. It’s all very well but its an expensive feature.”
Despite Cllr Lane’s reservations, councillors voted in favour of repairing the fountain.