The North Devon Bus Shelter project has come to the end of the road after three years – but has left a legacy that will help get homeless people off the streets.

A total of £7,457.28 raised by Bus Shelter supporters has been donated to Encompass South West to help furnish a new eight-bedroom supported accommodation facility in Bideford.

North Devon Bus Shelter had a bus on the outskirts of Barnstaple that it intended to convert into mobile accommodation for up to 16 rough sleepers, as well as provide them with help and support to keep them off the streets permanently.

But the trustees have now written to all of those who supported the project to say that due to a number of hurdles it was no longer viable.

They said: "Having researched at length other options, consulted with other local charities and considered new developments in other provision locally, it was agreed that NDBS would now be surplus to requirements and have therefore taken steps to close down the CIO (community interest organisation) in accordance with our constitution."

Bus manager Ian Godfrey told the Gazette there had been several issues, including that the double decker bus they had would have cost a great deal of money to be fitted out and get the project up and running.

Mr Godfrey said they had also been unwilling to pay the requested £400 in planning fees to change the land to 'vehicle storage' for the bus.

He said: "Then we had a meeting with the council and they indicated that it was surplus to requirements because they were doing the same sort of thing and it would be a waste.

"It's happening, the council are picking people up. They are doing what they said they were doing. When we started there was nothing but now there are other options.

"We tied in with Encompass because we found out about their new project which fulfils our original dream to get rough sleepers off the street.

"They have earmarked the money for the Bideford project and supporting one in Barnstaple as well. It will be going on things such as fridges, curtains and bedding."

Mr Godfrey thanked all those who came forward with donations and offers of help, including South Molton Scaffolding and Speedy Hire at Roundswell.

The bus itself has found a new home at the West of England Transport Collection.